Now Can I send you a Picture of my Dick

In my last post, I mentioned how I moved to POF, because paying a monthly subscription to Match didn’t guarantee you better quality or rule out guys who were only after one thing. I had been chatting to Mark over text for a little while before he asked me out on a date.

At some point during our texting, and again on our date, I mentioned about the catalogue of dick pictures I have received from guys when I haven’t even met them. And even when I specifically and clearly stated, no dick photos thanks when I realised that this was their intention.

I really don’t understand this. What makes you men think that we women want to receive a photo of your dick? Men are the visual ones, with women the brain plays a large part in getting turned on. Everyone knows this surely. It’s why men tend to watch more porn and look at naked women in magazines. It’s also the general consensus amongst both sexes, that women have the more beautiful bodies. Men are straight up and down with a dangly thing in the middle (don’t get more wrong, I love mens bodies, slight muscular arms, chests). But women are the ones with the beautiful curves.

It’s almost like they are little children wanting acknowledgment from their mothers because they’ve done something they are proud of. ‘Well done darling. What a nice willy you have. Aren’t you a clever boy. ‘ Is that what they are after? Or is it, look how manly I am with my big erect penis? Or is it like some kind of flashing and exhibitionism, where they get turned on by exposing themselves to women? Or could it be a case of I’ll show you mine, then you show me yours and they’re hoping if they send a photo, they’ll get one back? The mind boggles.

Anyway, so back to my story, I was telling Mark about all the dick photos I had received and he seemed shocked that men would be so silly as to send these pictures. He made out that he would never stoop to that level, he was better than that. He seemed like a nice guy who was better than that.

He also mentioned about his friend showing him the intimate, naked photos a girl who he was seeing had sent him- this ladies is why you don’t send naked photos of yourselves to someone you don’t trust 100%.

We had been at the pub were we were meeting for less than an hour but it seemed he was getting itchy feet and wanted to go to another pub. I myself don’t understand this, two hours isn’t that long to spend in one pub and it’s a bit of a faff in the countryside to drive 15 minutes to find another one. I realise now that he was probably trying to get closer to my house. It would be easier to get an invitation back to mine then.

So went to the same posh pub as in my last post with Steroids Man . Mark also suggested going for a walk (which seems to be a euphemism for let’s go and have a snog.)We went for a walk and then we did end up kissing lying on the grass near a footpath through the fields where we assumed we would be undisturbed.  Until a woman suddenly rounded the corner and stumbled across us with her dog which was a bit embarrassing for all of us.

Again I was behaving like a reckless teenager when at any minute, any of the other mums from school or someone else I knew could come round the corner; this is what it’s like in the countryside, you are always bumping into people you know in the most random of places.

I suddenly realised the time, and said I had to go because I had to pick my kids up from my mums. I hadn’t actually told him I had kids though so I invented some excuse. I think he was expecting me to invite him back to mine, I don’t know why, because I had made it clear I wasn’t the sort to have sex on a first date. Although I was being the sort to get off with a guy on a first date. I generally have the rule no kissing on first dates though, which has only been broken on one other occasion by Kev, when he launched himself at me, ignoring any body signals I was giving out as to whether I wanted this or not.

‘We should do this again’ he said when we said goodbye, ‘I can’t do in the week but I could do this weekend’. ‘

Later that evening, I received a text from him saying ‘thanks for the evening, was lovely to meet you.’
Likewise’ I replied.
‘Now can I send you a picture of my dick.’ he wrote. I thought he was joking.
‘Haha. Very funny. ‘ I replied.
‘ I want to put my dick in your pussy.’ he wrote. Say what? Excuse me? Is a kiss a green light for this sort of disrespectful messages?
‘You’ve been a very naughty boy, I’m going to have to put you on my knee and spank you.’ I reply because I enjoy the fact that I can say what I like and not care when they start sending me messages like this. A bit like they do.

He doesn’t reply. I don’t care. It wouldn’t be long before a picture of his dick would be making its way to be added to my compilation of dick photos on my phone (which my iphone kindly saves from messages into my photos folder for me.)


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